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K-Law Consulting provides the best service so that clients in the United States can conveniently receive advice on Korean law, business in Korea, and Korean law litigation regarding disputes with Korean companies without the barriers of time, place, and language. Our team includes an attorney who is licensed in Korea and registered with the State Bar of California as a  Foreign Legal Consultant for Korean law. Also, our Korean lawyers remain licensed in Korea as active members of the Korean Bar Association and they are law experts with abundant practical experience in Korea.

K-Law Consulting not only provides solutions to clients' legal issues based on cross-border experience in both Korea and the United States for many years but also resolves inconveniences caused by language and cultural differences. We will be your outsourced in-house counsel like a family doctor who cares for and protects your business.

K-Law Consulting maintains a broad network of professionals across the U.S. and Korea, which include attorneys, patent attorneys, and tax and accounting professionals as well as government agencies in both countries.

Based on a comprehensive understanding of Korean law, culture, regulatory system, and government agencies (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Fair Trade Commission, etc.), as well as experience with deftly preparing alternative plans and navigating government agencies, K-Law Consulting provides solutions and actively support clients' investment in Korea to lead to success.

Moreover, K-Law Consulting provides advisory services for business establishment and visa processes as well as business transactions, investment, and M&A to Korean companies which wish to expand their business to the United States. For Korean companies looking to expand into the United States, we collaborate with local experts such as US lawyers, patent attorneys, accountants, and so on who are strongly recommended within that local area.

We will become outsourced in-house counsel for Korean company clients, and we will directly recruit the best experts and ensure the best quality of outcomes as well as at a reasonable cost for clients. Also, if clients wish, we will be dedicated to communicating with local experts for you, and clients can communicate with us at any time.


Furthermore, we provide written reporting material and translation services for Korean clients. Many Korean companies have communication and cultural difference issues, and despite spending significant amounts of time and money, the outcomes are not satisfactory.

K-Law Consulting will serve as a bridge between Korean clients and U.S. experts based on our experience and expertise in the Korea-U.S. business, helping Korean clients in the U.S. to receive the best quality service at the best cost.

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