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K-Law Consulting provides clients in the United States with advice on issues related to [1] Korean business, [2] property and family in Korea, [3] and Korean criminal lawand helps clients litigate in Korean courts from the United States.

Also, K-Law Consulting assists clients in Korea [4] to get started with a business and invest in the U.S. with the best local experts. If clients want, we will appoint and collaborate with optimal experts in the U.S. and manage their work quality and fees. Besides, we will communicate with the local experts and provide written reporting materials and translation services for Korean clients. 

Business investment in Korea

  • Incorporation, investment structure, tax benefits, incentives, approvals, etc.

  • Operation of the invested company (employment/labor, tax, IP, Bankruptcy, etc.) 

Joint Venture, M&A, and Strategic Alliances

with Korean Companies

  • Deal structure and related Tax Advice, Legal Due Diligence

  • M&A Agreements (NDA, MOU, Definitive agreement, etc)

  • Post-Merger Integration Advising

Business Contracts and Transaction

with Korean Companies

  • NDA, MOU, and Business Transactions (Contracts drafting, reviewing, and negotiation)​

  • Legal review on related law and permits as to the contracts and transactions​

Disputes with Korean Companies

(Business operation, Transaction, Investment, Trade)

  • Response to a breach of contract, claim letters, negotiations, and settlement. 

  • Litigation and enforcement in Korean courts

  • International arbitration, and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Korean Visas, Permanent Resident (Immigration Law)

  • Korean visas and permanent resident related to foreign investment (documentation, filing, etc.)

Property in Korea (Real Estate Law)

  • Acquisition, management, and sale (contracts, registration) of property (real-estate) in Korea

  • Taxes on the property in Korea (capital gains tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, etc.)

  • Disputes on the property in Korea (negotiation, settlement, litigation in Korean courts, etc.)

Family in Korea (Family Law)

  • Will procedures and execution

  • Inheritance procedures and execution, division of inherited property

  • Divorce, division of property, and other issues related to family law

  • Disputes related to family law (negotiation, settlement, litigation in Korean courts, etc.)

Korean Civil / Criminal Litigation 

  • Civil litigation in Korean courts

  • Criminal procedures of police and prosecutor investigations 

  • Criminal litigation in Korean courts

Getting Started with Business and Investment in the U.S.

  • Incorporation of U.S. companies and related investment structure

  • Operation and management of the invested companies

  • Acquisition, management, and sale of U.S. property (real-estate)

Korean law lawyer in Los Angeles America

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