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Outsource Your Korea Practice Specialist

K-Law Consulting Understand Your Frustration. You may think...

  • 'It is very difficult to meet Korean clients' needs because we are not familiar with the way of their working and reporting process.'

  • 'It is burdensome to hire full-time attorney for Korea practice because there are not always Korea practice cases.'

  • 'There are many inconveniences and difficulties in finding Korean law firms, going on a business trip to meet Korean clients, dealing with the issues related to Korean government.'

  • 'We want to develop Korean market, but there is no effective route but only way to request an introduction through personal networks.'

  • 'Korean clients want to communicate in Korean, but there is a lack of lawyers who can make use of Korean language skills as much as Korean legal professionals.'

  • 'If there is a Korea practice team that has extensive understanding and experience of Korean law and Korean corporate culture beyond Korean language, it will be helpful not only for working but also for marketing in Korean market.'

Let's Develop Korea Practice Market Together.

  • We have extensive understanding and experience in Korean law and Korean corporate culture beyond language, and broad network of Korean companies, law firms and lawyers.

  • We will not only practice legal task but also communicate with clients and adroitly manage its costs and quality of local lawyers/law firms.

  • We will be your Korea Branch Office which you can entrust your client’s case in Korea.

  • We can find you a lawyer (not just a law firm) perfectly fit to the case with best price.

  • We will communicate with Korean clients, lawyers/law firms and government agencies on the behalf of you.

  • We will take care of every miscellaneous work in Korea.

Korean law lawyer in Los Angeles America

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