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2023 K-LAW Highlights

As we welcome the new year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for their unwavering support throughout the past year. Alongside New Year's greetings, we are pleased to present the notable achievements and significant cases of K-LAW CONSULTING in 2023. Going forward, our dedicated team of legal experts remains committed to resolving complex legal matters and safeguarding our clients' interests across various domains, including U.S.-Korea business, Korean real estate, inheritance, civil & criminal law, visas, and more. Please click the arrows below to view details:

[Civil Dispute] Successful Resolution of Compensation Claims for a Foreign Employee who Sustained Injuries During Work, Representing the Employee Against a Prominent Korean Corporation

This case involved an employee who suffered physical injuries during work, received no compensation, and was advised to resign before returning to the U.S. Subsequently, the employee sought damages from the Korean employer, encountering challenges due to unfamiliarity with Korean legal procedures and language barriers. Leveraging our profound expertise and comprehension of the Korean legal system and corporate culture, K-Law Consulting effectively mitigated regional, temporal, and language differences, culminating in a satisfactory resolution of the compensation dispute on behalf of our client. 

[Land Expropriation] Seamless Success from the Disbursement of Long-Unclaimed Land Expropriation Compensation to the Resolution of Unpaid Taxes

[Inheritance in Korea] Comprehensive One-Stop Handling of Inheritance Matters for U.S. Residents with Inherited Korean Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, and Other Properties

[Resolution of Stay of Indictment] Successful Resumption of Investigation and Non-Prosecution Decision

[Korean Visas] Comprehensive Legal Assistance for Overseas Koreans Settling in Korea

[Strategic Legal Support for Korean Companies Expanding into the U.S. Market] Successful Outsourced In-house Consulting Service for Korean Companies Expanding into the U.S. Market

[Strategic Legal Support for U.S. Companies Expanding into the Korean Market] Successful Management of an M&A Transaction: Acquisition of a Korean Company by a U.S. Corporation

[Investment in Korea & Foreign Exchange Transactions] Successful Legal Consultation on Investment Contracts for a U.S. Investor in a Korean Company

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