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A Successful Case Of Navigating The Korean Inheritance Act In The US

Our client was struggling to administer her parent’s estate after her parent’s death in South Korea because she’s not familiar with a comprehensive understanding of Korean Law, along with barriers of time, place, and language. We recently represented our client in the first successful case of using the Korean Inheritance Act in the United States.

Our client and her siblings had all been bequeathed their father’s estate to be split equally in Korea, but because of her long-term residence in the U.S., she had a hard time instituting the proceedings of the Korean Inheritance Act due to her struggle with the knowledge of Korean Law and language barriers.

K-Law Consulting, as an outstanding Korean Lawyer registered with the State Bar of California as the only Korean Foreign Legal Consultant in the state and who has tremendous practical experience in Korea, professionally took legal procedures on behalf of our client by providing documents such as Power of Attorney for real estates, Apostille, etc., and helping to remove the language barrier. Our client was very pleased to be able to move forward together with her siblings without the burden of legal issues or the communication barrier.

In general, many overseas Koreans and non-Koreans in the United States often experience difficulties with information related to the Korean Inheritance Act. We, K-Law Consulting, provide intensive assistance in this area with a lot of experience and various networks. In addition, we provide high quality legal services not only in Korean, but also in English for those who are more comfortable communicating in English.


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