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Appointment Of Mr. Jin Hee Lee As An Economic Advisory Member. (경제 자문위원 위촉)

2021. 4. 28.

Mr. Jin Hee Lee has been appointed to serve as an Economic Advisory Member (Specialty: Korea and the U.S. Business Legal Consulting) of Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles for 3 years (April 27, 2021 ~ April 26, 2024).

이진희 변호사가 L.A. 총영사관의 경제 자문위원 (전문분야: 한미간 비즈니스 법률 상담)으로 위촉되었습니다 (기간: 2021년 4월 27일 ~ 2024년 4월 26일) .


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