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[Korea-US Business] U.S.-Korea Cross-border Investment

K-Law Consulting has helped our client who wants to get cross-border investment from Korean investors. For the cross-border investment, we have provided services regarding general investment process, contract terms, negotiations, issues relating Korean law, local investment requirements and benefits, and business culture of Korea.

Due to the nature of cross-border transactions, collaboration of Korean professionals with U.S. law firms/attorneys is essential. K-Law Consulting has provided tailored services that meet our client's specific needs from selecting the right law firm/attorney in our network of professionals to facilitating day-to-day communication beyond temporal and regional distance.

Our client was an U.S. based company who wasn't familiar with M&A, investment, and Korean law and culture, as well as cross-border transaction with Korean company. Due to the unique nature of Korea-U.S. cross-border deals which requires substantial experience and knowledge of both countries in various aspects (i.e. legal, regulatory, administrative, linguistic and cultural), K-Law Consulting served not only as a legal service provider but also as a coordinator and communicator who organizes and manages A to Z about the on-going cross-border investment. We have successfully provided services to meet our client's needs.

If you are planning Korea-U.S. cross-border deals or have similar issues in your business, let K-Law Consulting step in and guide you. We are here, at a close range in the U.S., to help you develop and make your business in Korea strong .

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