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[Korean Inheritance] Successful Completion Of The Korean Inheritance Process For U.S. Citizens

Jin Hee Lee of K-Law Consulting recently successfully completed the Korean inheritance process of a case in which a U.S. citizen died in the U.S. while leaving his property in Korea.

All of the heirs are U.S. citizens and reside in the U.S., and both the decedent and heirs have changed their names, so there were a lot of documents to prepare. In addition, the basis for Korean and U.S. laws for the processing of Korean real estate owned by U.S. citizens had to be submitted to the Korean court. K-Law Consulting successfully processed all procedures, including notarization and apostille procedures in the U.S., property registration, and related taxes (including the inheritance tax) payments in Korea, and all procedures for processing inherited property were completed without any problems.

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